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แจกฟรี!! แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก. ก.พ. ภาษาอังกฤษ ชุดที่ 8


แจกฟรี!! แนวข้อสอบ

ภาค ก. ก.พ.

ภาษาอังกฤษ ชุดที่ 8

Instruction : Read the following passage and choose the best answer.(Q16-220)


“How to improve your English Writing Skill”

English is very important to everyone including every careers. If you have English fluent skill, you will be successful in your career path. Meanwhile, if you think English is very difficult for you, please don’t give up or discard it. There are many ways to improve your English skills; reading, listening, writing and communicating by watching soundtrack movies, learning from songs, reading interesting international magazines or books, talking with your

foreign friends and so on.

Ø  “By the way, I would like to present you “How to improve your English Writing Skill.”

There are a tricks for improving your writing skill.



         Ø  *keep all of your writing in one place for instance in your laptop. It’s easy to check                         how much you are improving and keep it organized.

Ø  Choose the passages or issues, which you interested in. they will make inspiration for                         you.

Ø  keep adding phrases to your vocabularies.

Ø  *Comment on your favorite websites, blogs or posts. You feel fun to do it.

Ø  Get your writing checked. You could try, which offers free                         corrections :


  1. What the follow statement is NOT an instruction “How to improve your English WritingSkill” ?
  2. Select the interesting issues.
  3. Get your writing corrected.
  4. Express youropinions on your interesting blogs
  5. Watching soundtrack films.


  1. How many ways of improving English Writing Skill that the author referred?
  2. 5                               2.   4                            3.   6                      4.   7


  1. Why you have to choose the passages or issues, which you interested in?
  2. Because you can find then easy.                  2.   They get you inspiration.
  3. They are very boring.                                    4.   They are good for authors.


  1. What is the author’s purpose?
  2. advise                       2.   complain                3.   Criticize                 4.   Admire


  1. Where do you can check your writing skill?
  2. books                        2.   newspaper             3.   Magazine               4.   Website


Instruction : Read the following passage and choose the best answer.(Q21-225)

It’s another school morning. You get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and grab your books. But instead of heading out the door to catch the school bus, you sit right down and start to work with your teacher—your mom or dad.

In the past parents who taught their children at home often did so because they had religious or philosophical objections to materials taught in public school. That’s still often the case. But now many parents see home schooling as the most practical way to get a better education, and to avoid the rising tide of violence in many public schools.

A flexible program that’s tailored to exactly meet a child’s need is a big advantage of home schooling. Kids who learn at home also have the teacher’s full attention all the time. And for families, who are unhappy with public schools and can’t afford to pay tuition at private schools, this may be the only choice.

There are drawbacks. Home schoolers may miss material that’s covered in school. And they have fewer chances to mix with a wide variety of other kids. Most parents who teach their children at home make sure that the children are involved in outside activities, like sports or youth groups


  1. What is the main idea of this passage?
  2. States encourage home schooling for various reasons
  3. Home schooling has both advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Parents are the best teachers for their own children
  5. Public school violence leads to home school.


  1. The word “they” in line 5 refers to ……… .
  2. teachers                   2.   schools                  3.   children                 4. parents


  1. The sentence “That’s still often the case.” In line 6 means ……… .
  2. such a case is often dismissed                     2.   it’s not true for most people
  3. it continues to be true for some people        4.   the case is still being tried in court


  1. Accord to the third paragraph ………. .
  2. home-made materials are not as good
  3. home-made tests are acceptable
  4. home school programs may not all be the same
  5. flexibility is measured by standardized tests





  1. The word “tailored”in line 13 means ………. .
  2. curved                      2.   Trained                  3.   Expected               4.   adapted


Instruction : Select the most appropriate Choice for each item(Q1-Q5)


A guest approaches the reception desk of a hotel and talks to the receptionist.

Receptionist     :     Good morning, sir.

Guest               :     Good morning, I’ve got a problem…..Q1…the air conditioning in myroom              isn’t cold enough.

Receptionist     :     Oh. I’m sorry……Q2….at once.

Guest               :     Thanks very much. And I have another request. ….Q3….on the best .

place to go and buy, silk.

Receptionist     :     Well, there’ a shop around the corner called “Thai Silk &

Handicrafts.”….Q4….a variety of silk products and locally made                                       handicrafts.

Guest               :     I have to bargain?

Receptionist     :     Everything has a fixed price there.

Guest               :     Oh good. I like that. I think bargaining is…Q…and I’m not used to it. Receptionist            :           I can understand that.

Guest               :     O.K. Thank you very much.

Receptionist     :     You’re welcome, sir.


  1. 1. We know 2.   They hope              3.   You see                 4.   I expect


  1. 1. I’ll have someone fix it. 2.   You must report that
  2. They will switch it off                                     4.   There’s nothing for us to do


  1. 1. No opinioni 2.   Any ideas
  2. Some hope                                                   4.   Few words


  1. 1. They have 2.   It gives
  2. You buy                                                         4.   I sell


  1. 1. a shame 2.   An experience
  2. a matter                                                        4.   a waste of time


  1. Instruction : Choose the correct answer.

Every night for the last two years Peter ……… in this restaurant.

  1. is working                                                     2.   works
  2. worked                                                          4.   Has worked


  1. Instruction : Choose the correct answer.

They all laughed because the film was very ……… .

  1. amuse                                                           2.   amused
  2. amusement                                                   4.   amusing


  1. Instruction : Choose the correct answer.

My friend passed the examination ………. his laziness.

  1. because                                                       2.   in spite of
  2. instead of                                                      4.   In case of


Instruction : Read the following letter and select the best answer for each item (Q16 – Q20)

There are several useful local herbal in every regions of Thailand. Today, we are delighted to introduce you the value herbal “Neem” (Sa-Doa). Neem provides you the healthy and glowing skin. The anti-bacterial, antioxidant and blood purifying properties of Neem are useful in treating dull, sunburned and blemished skin. Furthermore, we can find it easily because it’s a popular local vegetable in Thailand. It will provide you have more beautiful skin.


  1. What’s the best title for this short passage ?
  2. The Popular Herbal                           2.   The Local vegetable “Neem”
  3. Neem with Beauty Trick                    4.   The Skin Problems




  1. What’s the author’s purpose ?
  2. Informative                                        2.   Criticize
  3. Caution                                             4.   Complain


  1. Which following statement is NOT true ?
  2. Neem offers you the healthy skin.     2.   Neem is a popular Thai plant.
  3. Neem can bum your skin.                 4.   Neem helps to purify blood.


  1. Which word is a synonym of “properties” ?
  2. Estates                                              2.   Communications
  3. Communes                                       4.   Qualifications


  1. What’s the meaning of “local” ?
  2. Belonging to a particular area or neighborhood.
  3. Logical reasons.
  4. Complex concepts or idea
  5. Acts follow regulations.

ข้อสอบ ก.พ.,แนวข้อสอบ ก.พ.,แนวข้อสอบ ก.พ. ภาค ข,แนวข้อสอบ ก.พ. เฉลย,แนวข้อสอบ ก.พ. 2562,แนวข้อสอบ ภาษาอังกฤษ ก.พ.,เฉลยข้อสอบ ก.พ.,หนังสือ เตรียม สอบ ก.พ.,หนังสือ คู่มือ ก.พ.,หนังสือ สอบ ก.พ.,ข้อสอบ ภาค ก.,ข้อสอบ ภาค ก. ก.พ.,แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก.,แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก. ก.พ.,แนวข้อสอบ ก.พ. ภาค ก.,แนวข้อสอบ ก.พ. ภาค ก. 2562,แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก. ก.พ. 2562,แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก. 2562,แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก. ภาค ข,แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก. เฉลย,แนวข้อสอบ ภาษาอังกฤษ ภาค ก.,หนังสือ คู่มือ ภาค ก. ก.พ.,หนังสือ เตรียม สอบ ก.พ. ภาค ก.,หนังสือ เตรียม สอบ ภาค ก.,เฉลยข้อสอบ ภาค ก.,

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