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แจกฟรี!! แนวข้อสอบ ภาค ก. ก.พ. ภาษาอังกฤษ ชุดที่ 6


แจกฟรี!! แนวข้อสอบ

ภาค ก. ก.พ.

ภาษาอังกฤษ ชุดที่ 6

Instruction : Read the following letter and select the best answer for each item (Q16 – Q20)


Dangerl Highway 17 westbound is closed for the next 13 miles because of rock slider. Detour here for Route 25 through En Route, Red Ball, and Amazon. Highway 10 can be re-entered at Exit 5, west of Amazon. Motorists should expect delays


  1. Why is Highway 17 closed?
  2. There has been an accident            2.   There are falling rocks
  3. The road is ice-covered                    4.   The road is under construction


  1. Through how many cities will motorists be detoured ?
  2. Two                                                   2.   Three
  3. Four                                                  4.   Five


  1. Where will motorists be able to re-enter the highway ?
  2. At Amazon                                        2.   At En Route
  3. At Red Ball                                        4.   At the next Route 25 exit


All who order our 240-page catalog will receive one free year of updates covering new releases and monthly specials. There are no purchase obligations or unrequested shipments. Your first issue comes with $50 in merchandise credits, which you may use at any time during the period of your subscription. Order now and also receive a wall poster with picture of your favorite group.



  1. What will catalog purchasers receive ?
  2. Free records                                     2.   Fifteen dollars in cash
  3. Twelve catalog updates 4.   Tickets at discount prices


  1. To what must a buyer agree?
  2. To purchase from the catalog          2.   To attend at least one concerti
  3. To accept unsolicited shipments      4.   Nothing



Instruction : Read the following passage and choose the best answer (Q21 – Q25)


  1. We still don’t understand the extent of the mind’s power over the body, nor do we understand why there should be such power. All we can say for certain is that the mind does have power over the body in very many different ways.

If a man is told that he is a the North Pole and he believe what he is told, he’ll

5       show physical signs which suggest that his body is reacting as though he were at the

North Pole. He’ll go pale and shiver. If a hay fever suffers is shown a photograph of the sort of plant to which he is allergic, he’ll sneeze. When the film Lawrence of Arabia was shown, cinema managers around the world reported that the sales of the ice cream rocketed.The endless desert scenes had mad the patrons feel uncomfortably hot.

10        Hypnotists use the power of the mind over the body in order to exist their influence. The hypnotist must only convince the patient that something is true, and the patient will act accordingly. If he convinces the patient that his arms are as heavy as lead, then the patient will be unable to lift his arms. If he convinces the patient that a piece of ice is a red hot poker and

he then touches the patient’s skin with the ice, a

15 blister will develop. The body will react to the suggestion and not to the reality, and signs of

genuine burn will appear.


  1. A good title for this passage would be ………. .
  2. Physical Signs                                   ·2. Mind the Body
  3. The power of the Mind                      4.   Influence the Hypnotist



  1. From the passage, we might assume that people watching a film about the North Pole

. would want ………. .

  1. a cold shower                                   2.   a hot drink
  2. an ice cream cone                           4.   a red hot poker


  1. The word “rocketed” in line 9 indicates that sales ……… .
  2. rose sharply                                      2.   continued steadily ·
  3. stopped suddenly                             4.   declined gradually


  1. A hypnotist is supposed to be able to control ……… .
  2. desert scenes                                   2.   ice cream sales
  3. movie producers                               4.   people’s minds


  1. One thing that we do not fully understand is ……… .
  2. why we often feel hungry                  2.   how the mind influences the body
  3. the amazing power of movies.          4.   the effect of the climate on our behavior


Instruction : Select the most appropriate choice for each item (Q1 – Q5)

Be quiet : This is a library


Ron            :     Excuse me, is this seat taken?

Pinya          :     Ron! ….. 1…… Haven’t seen you for weeks. Sit down.

Ron            :     Are you working on a term paper?

Pinya          :     Yeah. For history

Ron            :     ….2…. but I haven’t thought of topic yet.

Woman      :     Sssh. Don’t you know you’re in a library

Ron            :     …..3….. .

Woman      :     …..4…. . But if you want to talk, ….5……?


  1. 1. Let’s start 2.   Come on by
  2. Off you go                                         4.   This is a surprise


  1. 1. That’s very interesting 2.   I’ve got to do one, too
  2. I’ve already                            4.   Let me have a look


  1. 1. Don’t let me!                                     2. I’m sorry
  2. It’s awful.                                          4.   That’s disgusting!


  1. 1. That’s all right                                   2.   Please leave
  2. Not really                                          4.   Don’t mention it


  1. 1. why don’t you start                            2.   Isn’t it fine inside
  2. isn’t it outside                                    4.   why don’t you go outside


Instruction : Full in the blank (Q6-Q10)

  1. I need time go ………. on that before making a decision.
  2. reflect                                               2.   depend
  3. count                                                      4.   insist
  4. An artist who does not copy others but paints in a new way
  5. intention                                            2.   originality
  6. reality                                                4.   will – power


  1. I have brought two books; you can make your ………. between them.
  2. choice                                              2.   election
  3. preference                                        4.   action


  1. I can’t believe what you say unless you give me a ………. .
  2. description                                        2.   proof
  3. vest                                                   4.   test


  1. Before a merchant buys cloth, he tries to get a small price as ………. .
  2. a case                                              2.   an example
  3. a sample                                           4.   a trail


Instruction : Choose the correct answer. (Q11-Q15)


  1. Having married political activist Williams John in 1998, Marry ………. actingaltogether for several years.
  2. stops                                                 2.   stopped
  3. is stopping                                        4.   has stopped.
  4. Cottage cheese, an American favorite ………. at home from milk, lemon juice,and salt.
  5. can make easy                                 2.   can be making easily
  6. can make easily                                4.   can be made easily


  1. Most people ………. to win a lottery.
  2. expect                                              2.   expects
  3. are expecting                                   4.   have expecting


  1. Fat is not digested in the stomach, ……….in the small intestine.
  2. but                                                    2.   which
  3. and is                                                4.   although
  4. I have a friend who is a student ……….a university ………. England.
  5. In…at                                                2.   at…at
  6. at…in                                                4.   of…of

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